Dispute Charge for refund?

Hi, i've a question about dispute the charge. I purchased something but then i refund the item and it was delivered since Dec 12, 2016 and i've the proof about the delivery confirmation on FedEx website & the receipt. I emailed the merchant more than once since Dec 20, 2016 but then i never heard from the merchant since Dec 25, 2016. I'm getting irritating with this merchant, i wrote emails, called but they don't give me any followup.
So my question is, can i file a dispute for my refund item? I wrote them my recent email & said that i'll file a dispute if they don't answer me anytime soon.
If i can file the dispute, so what should i provide? and is there any cost/ fee to file a dispute?



  • Hey dydy! We’re standing by at  888-953-7908 to offer any help. 

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